Conveyancing Report – Summary of Conveyancing Process
The city, Callery said, also met with eight to nine East Side ministers, many of whom voiced support for it. The city has also sent an information packet to the president of the statewide NAACP in Frankfort. John C.K. Fisher, Northern Kentucky coordinator for the Kentucky Human Rights Commission, also supported the plan when he saw it, Callery said. Arnold Simpson, a Democratic state representative from Covington, who is African-American and represents the predominantly black East Side neighborhood, told the mayor he loved the idea and wanted the city to move on it right away. "Any idea, you're always going to have some opposition. We just think this is something that will serve generations of people in the years to come," Callery said. "We wanted to show it to everybody who would be interested in it to get their feelings on it," before it was publicly announced. "But we had not heard back from Jerome." Callery said the city has merely a "conceptual plan," which the public can help shape, fine tune or reject.

"I've already had a hearing on 12th Street," Callery said. "This would be something where the public can come in and make comments and suggestions. It looks like talking to everyone on the commission they really like the idea. (Commissioner) Bernie (Moorman) especially liked it. (Commissioners) Jerry (Bamberger) and Alex (Edmondson) did, and so did Craig (Bohman)."

Everything from the park's name, to the idea of commissioning statutes of King and Kennedy is up for discussion, Callery said. Conveyancers or solicitors will help property investors in all the matters or questions regarding real estate conveyancing. Unity Park also has been suggested, he said. Both Bowles and Jemmott say they don't feel the proposed name "Freedom Park" is in sync with the accomplishments of King or Kennedy, who both worked to promote civil rights. "The civil rights movement was about justice," Bowles said. "So connecting freedom and justice, I think you want a distinction there."

Jemmott and Bowles both suggested a better focus for the park -- given the connection with the Underground Railroad Freedom Center -- would be someone like Margaret Garner, a slave who killed her young daughter in 1856 to prevent the child from returning to a life of slavery when slave catchers approached on the Ohio side of the river. Jemmott said he sees no reason the city cannot have a park and rename 12th Street after King. Employees may get bonuses The City Council is expected to discuss increasing the annual bonus for employees, when the council meets at 7 tonight at the city building.